Only the best for pets

By appointment only


About Best Pets

At Best Pets we provide each pet with attention and the care they deserve. We will take the time to get to know them. We devote our efforts to making your pet’s grooming day a relaxing and fun experience. All sessions are done by appointment only, as we are a home-based business.

We use shampoos and conditioners that are tailored to each individual pet’s skin and coat type, including pets with sensitive skin, giving you the best-groomed pet in town!

We give each and every pet our undivided attention while being groomed. We will review with you exactly how you want your pet to look to make sure we are giving you exactly what you want. We strive to make Best Pets your pet’s new favorite place!


Hey, my name is Emerson Bardwell, and I am the owner and main groomer of Best Pets. I am 14, but don’t be fooled by my age. I can do just as well as any other groomer, and my prices are affordable. I have about a year’s worth of experience as a groomer. 

Our Location

We are a home-based business located in Hayden, ID. We keep our location private for safety reasons. When you schedule your appointment, we will let you know our exact address. Thanks!


Social Hour

It’s important to keep your dog clean and comfortable, but they need friends too! Socialization is crucial for your dog, and at Best Pets they’ll be able to interact with other pets and people. If you prefer your pet does not socialize, they will be crated at the owners’ request.