Basic services: All services include a bath with shampoo and conditioner best suited for your dog’s skin, a blow dry, a complete brush out, ear cleaning, nail trim, doggy cologne, and a handmade bandanna.


Extra/single services and pricing:

Nail trim – $10

Nail file (adds onto nail trim) – $5

Teeth brushing – $7

Full dental care (Includes teeth brushing, gum care, and breath freshening spray) – $15

Gland expression – $10

Paw pad and elbow moisturizing – $7



Includes only the basic services listed.


Full groom

Includes all basic services, a sanitary trim, and a haircut of your choice.

undercoat removal

Includes all basic services, a special deshedding shampoo and conditioner bath, a coat blowout, and lots of extra brushing.

tidy up

Includes all basic services, a sanitary trim, trimming around the feet, a booty trim, an ear trim, and trimming around the eyes. 




*For services for other pets such as cats, and small animals please contact us so we can make a specialized appointment for your pet so they will be comfortable. For any special service or appointment requests please contact us as well. We can’t wait to meet you and your pet!